Fashion trends

New fashion trends from New York

Generally, I think of fashion trends not very much so well probably because they do not often go hand in hand with my taste. In the current fashion trends from New York but also for my feeling nice elements here. Without steps, one is that New York has become an absolute heavyweight in the fashion industry. More and more models and designers, including the chief of Vogue Anna Wintour, the latest from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” has gained worldwide recognition, can be down there.

Back into fashion, accessories seem to be here again for the hair. Headbands are worn again, while it may also like to be a little more striking! In general, are sometimes worn again more bows, the overall effect fashion a little playful! Also nice to see ballerinas are noble, that should be coming in again.

In addition, these are a pleasure rather optically, in the cold of winter, but less practical. Of course, me too many negative elements have fallen again in the eye – sequin leggings, black nail polish or gold jewellery wills ever not my taste. Although one should be tolerant because really – no one can persuade me that some things I like and I can convince anyone if he does not like these things!

Bright colours are more and more fashionable

At this year’s Milan Fashion Week, there were finally back can see really colourful and bright colours. Led by Jil Sander showed great courage to colour, with some colour combinations were already very daring and probably should rather serve to provoke. Nevertheless, even if I some models a little exaggerated think it is in my eyes.

Very gratifying that the fashion world a little away from the drab colours and thus become again a little more momentum coming into the collections of many designers Especially in the cold and dark winter months, you can enjoy one on the street but at outfits with bright colours and positive!

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Jewelry is more important than ever

Jewelry plays a huge role in our lives and has always done that. Ever since the dawn of humanity people use different ornaments for different reasons. They were made in different forms and from different materials. Some of them were worn all the time as charms for protection others were saved only for special occasions and traditions. imageStill, one way or another, they always manage to find their place in our everyday life.

Now jewelry is more important than ever. People very often connect it with women although more and more men started wearing bracelets, rings and other stuff like that. Not it is not about traditions or a feeling of self protection – jewelry has a much bigger role in the XXI century. Not it is a matter of prestige and class to wear always fashionable and cool accessories. People feel much better if they know that the others look up to them and like the way they look. That’s why jewelry is such a huge industry now. You can find different ornaments all around the world – they may not look the same but they always have the same purpose.

imageSome of the most fashionable ornaments have always been gemstones. People have always admired diamonds and considered them as the most desirable and prestigious accessory. They would spend so much money on diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelries like that. There is no doubt that this particular gemstone has always been the most popular of them all. Other fashionable gemstones may include amethyst, emerald and ruby. To make the effect of them even more astonishing people would very often use gold or silver to support them. The combination of such materials has always been considered as the highest rank possible. Only the richest and the wealthiest people in th world can afford to have many different accessories like that.

Still, there are jewelries for everybody regardless of his nationality or class. There are some pretty beautiful ornaments made out of ceramics, wood or glass. They may not mean high prestige or reputation, but they can contribute a lot to a person to be considered fashionable and with style.

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